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US economy becoming more competitive

In spite of all the bad talk you may hear, the United States economy is very competitive. After sliding in the rankings for four consecutive years … U-S-A Today reports … the United States moved up two places in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness ranking … from seventh last year to fifth in 2013.
A combination of factors, including improving financial markets and a strong university system, helped the U-S improve, despite its weak macroeconomic environment … says U-S-A Today.
Seven of the ten most competitive nations had at least 50% of G-D-P in gross general government debt as of 2012. Three of them … Japan, Singapore, and the United States … had more than 100% of their G-D-P in debt.
The top-rated economies were U-S fifth, Germany fourth, Finland third, Singapore second, and Switzerland number one.
The World Economic Forum ranked more than a hundred economic indicators that it grouped into 12 broad categories … to come up with the Global Competitiveness Index (G-C-I) score for each country.
Our thought for today is from Jerry Flint:
“Competition is a painful thing, but it produces great results.” 

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09/18/2013 1:30AM
US economy becoming more competitive
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