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Time to grow up

He wasn’t the only one saying terribly partisan things during the fiscal cliff negotiations, but I found President Obama’s swipes at his opponents highly disturbing. At a time when our nation needed true leadership, true maturity, I only seemed to see it coming from a few Republicans and Democrats talking about working things out … as the president and the fringes continued tossing childish language at each other.
I remember a co-worker I didn’t like when we first met years ago. Over the course of several years of working together toward the success of our radio station, the two of us became very good friends. We were also instrumental in achieving terrific success for our company.
My first impression of a man I worked with on a church committee was also quite negative. Two meetings later we became close friends.
The point is, working together toward a common goal can sometimes bring understanding and even friendship. It’s called growing … or should I say, growing up?
Our politicians ought to try it sometime.
Our thought for today is from Norman Mailer:
“Every moment of one’s existence one is growing in to more or retreating into less.”

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01/08/2013 12:54AM
Time to grow up
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