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Thoughts on working

What better time than Labor Day to share a few thoughts with you about working?
When I hear people talk about “class warfare”, they are often people who are paid a great deal of money. I’m certain many Americans envy the wealthy, but there is also a feeling that many have attained wealth that other people created through their hard work and creativity. People who work hard for every buck may resent those who are blessed with great wealth complaining that their taxes are too high.
Work has pretty much defined my life, right after my wife and children. I started earning a paycheck at the age of 16 and have only experienced two interruptions of a few months each … which I detested.
My wife and I have not accumulated great wealth, but no one’s ever handed us a thing.
Shelley and I laugh when we hear people say about their work, “it’s not personal”.
We believe for every conscientious professional, all work is “personal”.
Our thought for today is from Don Marquis:
“When a man tells you he got rich through hard work, ask him: ‘Whose?’”

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08/31/2012 3:47AM
Thoughts on working
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