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Thinking about presidents

This week we honor our United States presidents with a holiday, which always causes me to reflect on these men who have held the highest government office in the land.
I think it’s true that the office can make the man. Witness Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. The office can also unmake the man. Witness Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.
I think our finest president was Lincoln, for many reasons. Eisenhower also registers near the top with me, along with both Roosevelts. Kennedy’s charisma greatly impressed me as a young teen. Reagan charmed me as an adult.
I have my own list of the worst presidents, which I will not share with you today. These men often get unfair credit and unfair blame for their years in the White House.
We’ve seen our first black president, and it’s a good possibility we’ll see our first female president in my life time.
By the way, I began doing The McIntosh Report a year before I voted for the first time.
Our thought for today is from Clarence Darrow:
“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. Now I’m beginning to believe it.”

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02/21/2012 1:01AM
Thinking about presidents
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