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The worst scenery in America

Business Insider surveyed more than 1,600 people … asking their opinions about states other than their own, in several categories. New York was voted “rudest”, Mississippi “dumbest”.
“Worst Scenery” went to Kansas. To an extent, I have to agree. The Flint Hills resemble hills we can see all over the West, with Wyoming sticking in my memory.
Southeast Kansas comes close to the Ozarks … without the hills. Our lakes are unimpressive and we have no mountains.
My favorite area is Highway 54 between Wichita and Pratt … with lots of trees, some small hills, and a number of bridges over the Ninnescah River. But it’s the kind of scenery you can see in most any state.
The enormous expanses of flat, nearly-treeless prairie that dominate the western half of Kansas can be downright depressing, if you have to drive through them.
So, I guess I might agree with the survey … but I haven’t seen all the other states.
Our thought for today is from unknown:
“The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour.”

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08/27/2013 1:27AM
The worst scenery in America
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