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The war in Europe

Yesterday I shared with you my completion of reading Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Atkinson’s trilogy on World War Two in Europe. His books take us into the planning, the strategy, the weaponry, the supply, and the lives of the officers and men who fought desperate battles on land and the seas.
I found the three books fascinating.
Atkinson reveals the relationships between the best-known commanders of the American, French, British, German, and Italian military forces. Their decisions … good and bad … and what went into those decisions are closely examined. Atkinson leaves no doubt that in some cases, the huge egos of the leaders cost many, many lives.
Eisenhower, Marshal, Patton, Montgomery, Clark … they all appear in these pages … along with lesser-known officers and a few correspondents. For a good understanding of World War Two in Europe, I can recommend Rick Atkinson’s “An Army at Dawn”, “The Day of Battle”, and “The Guns at Last Light”.
Our thought for today is from George S. Patton:
“Don’t be a fool and die for your country. Let the other sonofoabitch die for his.”

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11/22/2013 4:22AM
The war in Europe
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