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The most conservative people in Congress

The story brings joy to many Kansans. Others may find it disturbing … maybe even appalling. The National Journal ranked U-S Representatives based on their votes in 2011, with 100 being the top of the conservative scale.
The Kansas delegation got the top conservative score of 85.3. It wasn’t even close. Wyoming’s lone representative scored 73.5 for second place. Most conservative among Kansas’ four representatives: Mike Pompeo of Wichita with a score of 91.1.
The most conservative Kansans may celebrate this as a great victory … an indication that no state in the union is more conservative than ours. Kansas voters like to send the most conservative people they can find to represent them in Washington.
It will be difficult for any candidate to out-conservative Pompeo, Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Yoder, or Tim Huelskamp. The political song we sing in Kansas has only one verse … and perhaps only one note.
I find the lack of political diversity in my home state alarming. Is there really only one “right” way to think in Kansas politics?
Our thought for today is from Thomas Jefferson:
“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

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05/10/2012 1:06AM
The most conservative people in Congress
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05/11/2012 9:49AM
Make-up of Kansas Representatives
The political bent of the Kansas representative represent the views and values of the people who sent them to DC. Not sure why this would surprise anyone. You 'alarm' at the lack of diversity is a smoke screen really meaning 'I don't like the representatives we send to Washington voting as conservatives'. To stand for what you think is right is a virtue. Thank goodness we have representatives who are not afraid to vote their convictions.
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