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The meaning of Christmas

For many, Christmas can become a blur of shopping, parties, pageants, sad memories, stress, and general personal mayhem. I suggest we all try to find the “eye” of the Christmas “hurricane” and take some time for quiet, personal reflection.
We ought to focus our thoughts on the good we humans can do in this world as the best … maybe the only … answer we have to the evil that confuses, angers, and saddens us all.
For Christians, the meaning of Christmas is giving. We look at Christ as God’s gift of salvation to the world … the ultimate gift. This concept is confusing to some, disturbing to others, and perhaps even nonsense. But it is the solid bedrock of Christmas for the Christian.
I believe people who give without thought of receiving find true happiness. They are blessed. They are part of a force in this world that operates not only at Christmas time, but every day of the year.
Our thought for today is from my family and me to you and yours:
“Merry Christmas!”

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12/21/2012 3:25AM
The meaning of Christmas
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