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The man with the golden voice

Who hasn’t seen the video of Ted Williams … “the man with the golden voice” … standing on a curb, panhandling in Columbus, Ohio? He’s homeless, dirty … he looks awful … but then he starts talking and you hear what we in the radio business call “a great set of pipes”.
He’s 53 years old, he’s worked as a deejay before, but drugs and alcohol took their toll. He says he’s been “clean” for two years. And now that T-V and the internet have discovered Ted, he may get another shot at the airwaves … with offers reportedly from the Cleveland Cavaliers and N-F-L Films. They’re obviously seeking free publicity. Can they really be naïve enough to believe old Ted’s going to show up every day?
I love the guy’s voice, but he’s a great example of the worst of us in the announcing or air personality business. I own a home, have a terrific family, and I’ve been “clean” for 61 years. No offers from the Cavaliers or N-F-L films.
So much for playing by the rules, I guess.
Our thought for today is from Edward R. Murrow:
 “Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.”

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01/10/2011 1:20AM
The man with the golden voice
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01/10/2011 5:57AM
"The voice"
I don't always agree with you on your report, however, you are spot on with this one! Perry
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