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The man who saved the union

The book is “The Man Who Saved the Union … Ulysses Grant in War and Peace” … by H.W. Brands.
Grant is a fascinating figure. There was not much in his young life to suggest future excellence, but after graduating from West Point he found some success in the war with Mexico. Then came a low point in the Army until the Civil War. Grant rose rapidly to the rank of general and after winning several big battles in the west, went east to become Lincoln’s favorite general.
Grant’s two presidential terms were devoted to dealing with reconstruction in the south and the Indian problem in the west. The violence against blacks and Republicans in the south continued for years after the war, and Grant enforced laws to keep the union together. It was not a done deal.
His administrations were plagued by a number of money scandals.
This book filled in a few gaps in my knowledge about Grant, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Our thought for today is from Ulysses S. Grant:
“It is men who wait to be selected, and not those who seek, from whom we may expect the most efficient service.”

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01/10/2013 12:53AM
The man who saved the union
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