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The killing of bin Laden

This is a National Day of Prayer, and many Americans may be saying the same prayer … thanking God that Osama bin Laden is no longer with us. Some Christians are saying that it is not right to celebrate a person’s death … any person’s death. I agree. But there is no denying that there are people on this planet who truly deserve an early departure, even if we don’t dance in the streets … as some have done.
This man was responsible for starting a chain of events that caused untold human misery throughout the world. After 9-11, hundreds of thousands more innocent people died in the effort to find this one man and bring him to justice. He hid behind the mantle of Islam, perverting an entire religion with his lies and hatred.
The struggle is not over yet, but a huge blow has been delivered to the forces of evil in terrorism.
I may not celebrate bin Laden’s death, but I’m far from shedding any tears over a man who has done so much harm in the world.
Our thought for today is from the Bible, the book of Matthew:
“Get thee behind me, Satan.”

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05/05/2011 1:15AM
The killing of bin Laden
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