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The home plate collision

Baseball’s rules committee has approved a change in the rules … banning home plate collisions in Major League Baseball. It’s long been part of baseball, but it occasionally results in some pretty serious injuries. Violating the rule would mean a fine or suspension for players who collide at home plate.
If a runner looks up and sees a catcher completely blocking the plate, what recourse does he have? As a youngster I slid into a catcher’s shin guards. Believe me, that doesn’t work well. A base runner wears a protective batting helmet. The catcher wears shin guards, a chest protector, and a mask. These devices are made of hard plastic and metal.
It’s like a running back wearing shorts and a tee shirt ramming into a fully-equipped linebacker in football.
Still, tougher players will try to run over that catcher full speed.
It’s considered part of the game … and it may soon be part of the game’s past.
Our thought for today is from Leo Durocher:
“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”

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12/17/2013 1:21AM
The home plate collision
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