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The gender pay gap

Recently the Government Accountability Office released a report that said female managers make 81 cents to every male manager’s dollar. The numbers are from 2007 and show only a two-penny increase from 2000. Managerial women with children haven’t gained at all on men in seven years.
Many studies indicate that women generally make about three-quarters what their male coworkers are paid. The reports allow for job experience and gender preference for certain jobs.
What’s behind the gap? Equal-pay laws are not enforced – say experts – along with stingy family-leave policies, and women being lousy salary negotiators. Well-meaning managers sometimes try to “save” their female employees from time-consuming projects and overnight business travel so they can spend more time at home.
It’s not often that we can find a single, unfair reason for the wage gap. There may be subtle discrimination in the minds of managers who believe they are doing the best thing possible for their female employees.
I think most Americans would agree with equal pay-for-equal work. But making that reality in the workplace is a difficult process.
Our thought for today is from Timothy Leary:
“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

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10/05/2010 1:22AM
The gender pay gap
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