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The gay marriage debate

This week the United States Supreme Court heard arguments about same-sex marriage laws. This brings the issue to the front burner on the American controversy “stove”.
A recent Washington Post/A-B-C News poll found 58% of the respondents favoring the legalization of same-sex marriage, with 36% saying it should be illegal. In 2004, the same question brought the opposite conclusion: 41% for legalization and 52% opposed.
40 states do not allow same-sex marriage.
Public opinion surely differs from one state to the next, and some say the issue is best handled at the state level. Let the voters decide. Others will say individual rights are being violated and gay people are experiencing discrimination.
Some will argue that public opinions polls are “skewed”, or in some way inaccurate.
But the Supreme Court is not charged to follow the whims of the citizens. The Court must decide if the laws are constitutional.
The Justices will not rule for several months.
Our thought for today is from Terry Pratchett:
“A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores.”

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03/29/2013 12:56AM
The gay marriage debate
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