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The future of conservative politics

Last week the Conservative Political Action Conference featured a number of political speakers, talking about the issues conservatives supposedly care most about, along with a good deal of criticism of President Obama.
My question is this: Is the conservative future simply an on-going statement of what they oppose and whom they dislike, or are conservatives ready to do what it takes to re-define their product to meet the political realities of today and tomorrow?
I dislike the constantly-negative nature of today’s conservative message, and would really like to see a campaign to define what conservatives stand for … and how that impacts individual Americans. I’d like to see a more positive message and yes, one that might seek common ground with other view-points.
Conservatives should re-brand themselves as problem solvers, and then do the tough work of living up to the brand. That could broaden conservative appeal.
It is a fact that politicians need votes to win, and conservatives need to promote a more positive image to attract new voters.
Our thought for today is from Robert Anton Wilson:
“It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea.”

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03/21/2013 3:52AM
The future of conservative politics
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