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The first big snow storm

I’m not a big fan of snow. It makes my job a bit more hectic with all the school closings and traffic problems, and I just don’t like the inconvenience. I can’t run in the snow because I know I would fall, and that sours my mood.
Local law enforcement reported more than 200 traffic accidents in the Wichita area Monday. Most were caused by too much speed and not enough spacing between vehicles on icy roads. I witnessed that Monday afternoon on west 13th, where a man driving a large S-U-V was tail-gating a woman in a smaller car on a very slick roadway. The fool turned into a parking lot before he killed anyone.
Driving to work early Tuesday I watched one of two large S-U-Vs in the left lane on east 21st spin out, for no apparent reason. She did a donut in the middle of the roadway. I was following with plenty of space and avoided a collision.
I’ve done well on slick streets over the years. Hope my luck holds!
Our thought for today is from Jeff Valdez:
“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”

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01/13/2011 1:20AM
The first big snow storm
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