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The end of the world

Many believed a Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world last week. Folks were buying candles and food and other supplies in anticipation during the days leading up to December 21st.
Didn’t we go through this back in 2,000?
Many people seem to be fascinated with the end of the world. Some Christians have spent enormous time and energy studying the Bible, trying to make accurate predictions of the day and time of the end. Preachers warn their flocks that the end is near … and you’d better be right with your maker!
What exactly will the end of the world be like? I’m a bit fuzzy on that. The Bible says Christ will come to earth in the clouds.
Of course, the end of my world could come at any moment. I’m not so much interested in the specific time, as I am in being prepared.
The government of Guatemala … home to the Mayan city of Tikal … was predicting record numbers of tourists in December.
Our thought for today is from Niels Bohr:
“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”

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12/27/2012 1:00AM
The end of the world
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