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The disappearing middle class

How can we get our economy moving again and creating jobs? That’s the biggest question facing our nation. Our politicians and our millionaire pundits and talkers don’t have a clue as to what is really driving the challenge.
Answer: the disappearing American middle class. In my opinion, Americans are not spending with cash or credit because they’re concerned about the future. Will they have a job tomorrow? Meanwhile, prices are rising for essentials like gasoline and health care, even as the national median income is dropping from year to year.
The middle class has hunkered down in the trenches … trying to avoid being hit by the latest economic artillery barrage. Wealthier Americans … including politicians and opinion makers … simply don’t feel the pain.
How do we get the middle class to spend their rapidly-dropping income, while polls indicate Americans are extremely pessimistic about nearly aspect of the nation’s so-called ‘leadership’?
The American middle class needs hope … plus a little more cash to spend.
Our thought for today is from Colin Powell:
“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

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10/14/2011 1:05AM
The disappearing middle class
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