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The cost of concealed-carry

I’m not sure the Kansas Legislature was aware of what it was getting into, when it passed a concealed-carry law. Their intent was to allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves for self-protection. Some believe concealed-carry could also diffuse a violent situation when the police are not around.
In fact, there are cases of citizens defending themselves with legally-issued firearms. But a look at Wichita’s police blotter indicates this is definitely NOT a frequent occurrence.
One problem arising from concealed-carry is the number of Kansans applying for a license. Thousands have signed up across the state in just a few months. Here in Sedgwick County, Sheriff Jeff Easter tells me concealed-carry has created a “huge problem”, as his deputies handle more than 600 applications a month. Background checks and training are involved … a lot of bureaucratic stuff that keeps a few deputies from actually fighting crime.
Easter says he may need more people to handle the case load.
Legally arming citizens is apparently expensive.
Our thought for today is from Willa Cather:
“No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person.”

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05/20/2013 1:35AM
The cost of concealed-carry
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