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The computer culture

I’ve watched with some amusement … mixed with concern … the fumbling of the Affordable Care Act rollout. I don’t see it in a political way … one more reason to bash the president … but as an indication of the power of the computer culture.
Chances are you are hearing this commentary or reading it on a computer. It’s a relatively simple procedure that I do every day, using computer programs we’ve operated several years. It’s consistent and it’s clean. But what if something goes wrong?
We have people in the building trained to make the computers go when they stop. That’s as sophisticated as I can be on computers.
Over the past few months we’ve seen huge government computer problems at the federal and state levels, as well as our local election office.
We rely on these things for nearly everything in life. Most of us just hope they work, because about all we know to do is reboot.
Our thought for today is from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands:
“I can’t understand it. I can’t even understand the people who understand it.”

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10/29/2013 1:18AM
The computer culture
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