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The commission's suggestions on taxes

Among several recommendations for federal spending cuts from the bipartisan deficit commission: cut funding for public broadcasting. This is one I don’t like because I feel public broadcasting fills a niche that commercial broadcasting cannot. But as I’ve said before, we may have to share some pain to solve this desperate debt problem.
The commission realizes that just freezing or cutting spending will not solve the problem. Among its suggestions: increase the gas tax by 15 cents a gallon to fund transportation programs. The commission would also overhaul individual income and corporate taxes. For individuals and families, scale back many popular tax credits and deductions, including the child tax credit, the mortgage interest deduction, and the deduction claimed by employers who provide health insurance.
I’ll just bet a season ticket to Wild West World that you heard something you didn’t like in that list. These proposals would have an impact not only on Americans’ pocketbooks, but also on business and jobs.
Is it too much pain to bear?
Our thought for today is from Euripides:
“Do not consider painful what is good for you.”

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12/09/2010 1:27AM
The commission's suggestions on taxes
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