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The cliff drama as reality TV

It was reality T-V at its best. The greatest nation in the world faces the possibility of going over a fiscal cliff … with dramatic tax increases for its citizens and draconian spending cuts for its government. The nation had been slowly climbing out of recession, and lack of action might have meant a sharp downward plunge back into economic misery.
Add to the mix a recently-re-elected president and a House of Representatives sharply divided on the issue, with fringes of both parties whining and complaining during tough negotiations.
And the deadline that had been talked about for two years suddenly approached over the holidays to end 2012.
Many members of a Congress with a 10% approval rating realized they had better do something … and at the last minute they did.
The minute-by-minute drama played out with network personalities keeping score and providing “color”.
It was impressive reality T-V. It was government at its worst.
Our thought for today is from Garrison Keillor:
“I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it.”

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01/07/2013 12:57AM
The cliff drama as reality TV
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