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The Tucson tragedy

I’m sure there are many messages that influence the mind of a lunatic. They may include the words of politicians and talk show hosts, as well as teachers, family, friends, and store clerks. There may be only one person to blame for the attack in Tucson.
When these things happen … and I’ve seen several in my life time … we look for a reason, when there may not be one. Who is to blame for a violent attack that claims six lives, including a beautiful nine-year-old girl? Can we really only blame one young man?
And yet … over the past few days I’ve seen what I believe are rigid ideological politicians talking about toning down the rhetoric. Do they see a cause-and-effect in the hateful, violent language of today’s politics?
Politicians need to communicate with their constituents in a vibrant democracy. And citizens have a responsibility to communicate with their elected representatives with courtesy and respect.
Our thought for today is from Bill Kelly:
“Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.”

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01/14/2011 2:10AM
The Tucson tragedy
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