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The Start of Something Better

So, I went to the home opener for the Wichita Thunder.  Another loss, and a complete blowout by hockey standards.  I heard many of the fans complaining that they are tired of watching the Thunder lose.

Really, after 2 games… “tired” of it?  Granted, we’ve seen almost no wins since the move to the Intrust Bank Arena.  But that was last year, another team with a different coach.  You’ve only “seen” this team lose once; the season opener was on the road. (although if you did make the road trip, well I applaud you for that)  The Thunder has only seen one opponent this year, and frankly I was very impressed by Tulsa’s goaltender.  The only goal the Thunder managed on Saturday was on a very good shot, I doubt many could have turned that one aside.

Even in a 4 – 1 loss I was encouraged by what I saw on Saturday.  Last year’s team seemed to wait for opportunities in the offense, and usually failed to capitalize when they did happen.  They were uninspired on defense, and tended to give up when down by a goal or so.  Not so this year.  Oh, there was a point on Saturday late in the game when they seemed to sense that it was over, but by that point it really was too late.  But this team plays the game, creates their own chances, and are more aggressive on defense.  I’m going to remain optimistic about this being a better team giving us a better result this year.  Not a tough call really, it would take a lot of effort to be worse than last year.

So, it’s the start of something better.  Will it be something good?  Only time will tell, but I do know one thing already.  Win or lose, going to a hockey game is fun.  I parked less than 2 blocks away from the arena, and did not have to wait for even as much as a minute in traffic on the way in and out.  For every arena nay-sayer and CAVEer out there, I’ll pose a question for you.  When was that EVER true at the Kansas Coliseum?  Never, that’s when.  Unless you left the event 15 minutes early there was always a bottleneck at the parking entrances.  Parking downtown is a problem… myth busted.

See ya at the IBA...

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10/19/2010 3:18AM
The Start of Something Better
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