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The Republican front-runners

Events this past weekend indicate that the Republican presidential nomination is now a three-candidate race. Mitt Romney was the perceived front-runner, but Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann grabbed the spotlight by winning the Iowa Straw Poll.
Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry tossed his hat into the ring in South Carolina … grabbing a big share of the weekend news cycle. Now, these three are considered the G-O-P front-runners … though things can change dramatically in the next few months.
All three are relatively young and attractive, which counts a great deal with some voters. They each have some strength in that they are not Obama, at a time when the president’s approval numbers are falling.
All three know the key conservative talking points. They will talk generally about cutting federal spending and avoiding tax increases, but I don’t hold my breath to hear any bold, new ideas … or any calls for Americans to get tougher for tough times. Nor do I expect the powerful, positive rhetoric of a Ronald Reagan from anyone in this trio.
Our thought for today is from Mary Pettibone Poole:
“To repeat what others have said, requires education; to challenge it, requires brains.”

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08/18/2011 1:10AM
The Republican front-runners
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