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The President's speech tour

So, what exactly was the point of last week’s presidential speech-making tour? President Obama appealed to the middle class … saying government action now could stimulate the economy and get things rolling again. Obama said Washington has taken its eye off the ball.
His opponents say the speeches contained now new ideas, and the president should stay in Washington and work them to find solutions to the nation’s problems.
All this comes at a time when the president’s approval rating has hit 45% in a Wall Street Journal/N-B-C poll … the lowest level since late 2011. Congress’s disapproval rating hit its highest level ever in Wall Street Journal polling: 83%.
The surveys indicate people’s cynicism that Washington politicians actually know how to work together effectively to accomplish anything worthwhile. Presidential popularity has often plunged during a second term … and congressional popularity has been in the toilet for years.
The cynicism is well earned.
Our thought for today is from Aristophanes:
“You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner.”

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07/30/2013 1:26AM
The President's speech tour
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