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The President's jobs package

President Obama’s critics called the jobs package he presented last week more of the same old stuff. The President proposes spending 447 billion dollars … much of it on creating or preserving jobs for teachers, police officers, firefighters, and construction workers. Obama would cut the payroll tax from 6.2% to 3.1% for both employees and employers.
Republicans want to know how the President proposes to pay for all this. He says the answer will come in his suggestions on overall debt reduction in a few days. I agree with the demand that this package not contribute to the deficit. I also agree with the President’s intention to put more money into the hands of working Americans and small business.
One of his critics said one of the jobs Obama wants to protect is his own. We could say the same thing about many who oppose the President. With job approval ratings of 12%, senators and representatives are justified in their own employment concerns.
Our thought for today is from Woodrow Wilson:
“Nothing was ever done so systematically as nothing is being done now.”

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09/14/2011 1:12AM
The President's jobs package
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