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The O'Donnell residence

Is it a question of the separation of church and state? Or is it just “patently political”, as Wichita City Council member and Republican Kansas Senate candidate Michael O’Donnell claims?
The Freedom From Religion Foundation … a Wisconsin-based group that promotes the separation of church and state … wants Sedgwick County to investigate the tax-exempt status of the house where O’Donnell lives. O’Donnell says he rents the house, which is a former parsonage for Grace Baptist Church, where his father is pastor.
Like any good father, I’m sure the minister wants to help his son. The question is, should the church be paying taxes on property that is not used as a parsonage? The Wichita Eagle reports the group claims the house has been tax-exempt since 1996.
Property taxes are always an important issue in local government, and I expect they will become even more important in state government in the near future.
It’s always nice if those making decisions for the rest of us know something about what it means to pay such taxes.
Our thought for today is from Bernard Berenson:
“Governments last as long as the under-taxed can defend themselves against the over-taxed.” 

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08/29/2012 1:12AM
The O'Donnell residence
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