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The Mommy Wars Wedge

Personally, it doesn’t much matter to me that Mitt and Ann Romney have always been rich, so there’s been no need for Mrs. Romney to take a job outside the home. But the Romneys’ political opponents see an opportunity to drive home the Mommy Wars Wedge.
Truth is, there is more disparity in America than I can recall in my life time. There are huge gaps between the C-E-Os and their workers … the haves and have-nots … the one per centers and the 99 per centers … the rich and the poor. Trouble is, that wealth gap grows ever wider between the rich and the middle class. Make no mistake, people resent the disparities. Perceived unfairness has been dangerous to the ruling class throughout history.
So, I understand politicians’ inclination to use the Mommy Wars Wedge. It may motivate voters. It is also one more effort to polarize our people. For that reason, I don’t like it.
Our thought for today is from Franklin D. Roosevelt:
“We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge to attack our civilization.”

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04/23/2012 1:10AM
The Mommy Wars Wedge
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