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The Kansas Education Dollar

Any time a taxpayer hands over a dollar to government that taxpayer wants to see the money spent prudently. Some folks believe that’s impossible in today’s American republic.
Public schools are part of local and state government. Critics tell us today’s schools stink …. they don’t adequately educate our children … they’re run by over-paid administrators … the teachers are all labor union communists who promote liberal doctrine.
I was a bit surprised recently when Wichita school superintendent John Allison told me that over the past 60 years Kansas students have performed in the top 25%, even though state funding has been in the bottom 25%. Seems like pretty effective use of state tax dollars.
Allison tells me the Kansas high school graduation rate in 1940 was 28.5%. By 2005, it was nearly 90%. And today’s 8th grade math is about the same level as a high school junior when I was in class 40 years ago.
A few things to ponder next time somebody bashes those “awful” public schools.
Our thought for today is from Will Rogers:
“The schools ain’t what they used to be and never was.”

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09/02/2011 1:30AM
The Kansas Education Dollar
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