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The Hunger Games

Last weekend my wife and I watched “The Hunger Games” with our 12-year-old grandson Nolan. He had already seen the movie and read the three books the film is based on. Nolan’s critique: “the movie’s good but the books are better”.
It is a well-written, well-acted, well-produced movie … quite entertaining. But I was struck by the darkness of this story about starving children of the future chosen to compete in televised death matches … complete with silly commentators and blood-thirsty audiences.
Is there a message here about “reality” media … about government power taken to the point of mandating violence against children? Should our kids be watching this depressing, negative, cynical stuff? Or is it merely a reflection of the world our grandchildren have inherited: dark, gloomy, hopeless?
But you know, I wasn’t much older than Nolan when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Nolan will probably read it, too. Then he’ll realize the real world can be even more ugly and terrifying than fiction.
Our thought for today is from Liza Minelli:
“Reality is something you rise above.”

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10/04/2012 1:02AM
The Hunger Games
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