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The Chamber's PAC

I confess my negative feelings about all political action committees, even while this radio station and others … along with our friends in T-V … sell those PACs a lot of advertising.
I’ve been concerned about the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee’s endorsement of challengers to incumbents who have been strong business and Chamber supporters in the past. Why is the Chamber PAC targeting these people? And what are Chamber members saying about this? Some of them may not care for the PAC’s open embrace of an extremely conservative philosophy and candidates. Some Chamber members might be moderates or independents … or even Democrats!
Last week it was reported that the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is appointing a ‘task force’ to review its relationship with its own PAC.
Sounds like the summer sun is not the only source of heat at Douglas and Waco these days.
Our thought for today is from Will Rogers:
“Politics has got so expensive that it takes lots of money to even get beat with.”

08/02/2012 1:01AM
The Chamber's PAC
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