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The ?Bad? Touch

Y’all know I’m the computer “geek” type person (especially compared to Steve or Ted) so I love the internet, video games, sci-fi, gadgets, and so on. So it may have been a little bit of a surprise when I mentioned in my last blog that I don’t like social media sites like facebook.  Well… not so much “don’t like it” and more like “it’s not for me.”  But there is a “tech trend” that I really DON’T like out there.

E3 is the premiere video game industry convention and it’s going on this week.  Each of the big game companies and developers all unveil their latest wares at E3. So on Tuesday Nintendo took the main stage and previewed their followup to the wildly successful (if terribly named) Wii.  If anything its name is even worse, it’s the Wii U.  You pronounce it kind of like it looks “we you.”  I CAN think of worse names, but when it takes effort to do WORSE… c’mon Nintendo.  But despite the name, the hardware sounds pretty boss.  HD output, faster and more memory than any of the current generation game consoles, and another really innovative controller.

The Wii’s “Wiimote” motion based controller was the first of its kind, and was hugely successful.  Now both Sony and Microsoft have released motion controls, after Nintendo blazed the trail.  The Wii U (uggh I hope I don’t have to say that too much) has a controller that utilizes motion, has dual analog controls, and features a 6” tablet computer style touchscreen.  That all sounds great but…

I don’t like touchscreens.

Can I say I’m just being “old fashioned?”  A screen is a visual medium that a computer, tv, or gadget outputs to so I can interface with it thru an input device (like a remote, controller, or keyboard.)  Placing output and input on the same screen is just counterproductive.  I have 20/20 vision, but even I can’t see thru my own fingers.  And my vision is good enough to really be able to see all the oily finger smudges on a touch screen, and I’m sorry, but it bugs me.  I chose my Kobo e-reader and very specifically did NOT get a touchscreen.  I’m trying to read, and it’s less easy to do so thru a layer of finger grease.

I really think touchscreens are a fad and going away.  I hope so anyway.

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06/09/2011 9:07AM
The “Bad” Touch
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