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Texting while driving

This week the U.S. Transportation Department and Consumer Reports are teaming up for a project aimed at helping parents and teachers fight a driving-while-texting trend that’s having a big impact on young people.
Consumer Reports focuses on three deadly statistics; car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens … teens are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as other drivers … and texting multiples by 23 the risk of a collision.
I have seen no solid figures from law enforcement on how many local accidents may be the result of drivers distracted by cell phone use … or by texting behind the wheel. I suspect the rate is pretty high. There are times in traffic when I have noted two of every three drivers on a cell phone. These drivers are often easy to spot; they’re driving to slow and/or weaving back and forth. In short, they are distracted!
There are reasons to use a cell phone while driving, but a good driver knows there are limits.
Our thought for today is from Ellen DeGeneres:
“The way I see it … If you need both of your hands for whatever it is you’re doing, then your brain should probably be in on it, too.”

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03/08/2011 5:14AM
Texting while driving
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