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Taking a news quiz

I was checking out the Pew Research Center’s web page recently, looking for public surveys I sometimes use in this space. I stumbled onto a news quiz and decided to try my luck.
It’s 13 multiple choice questions. I found some of them pretty easy, but I was less confident about others. I was not at all confident of my identification of two photographs. A geography question was easy, and I had no trouble with a graph of stock market movement.
The survey asked my gender, age, and education level … and showed how these demographic categories performed in successfully answering the questions.
I realize that being a news person could make it easier for me than for others. But I was genuinely surprised when I scored perfect … 13 out of 13 … better than 99% of the public.
Again, I was unsure of my responses to at least three questions … so I’m not doing some perverted victory dance.
Take the quiz; it’s fun! Go to the Pew Research Center web page.
Our thought for today is from Bertrand Russell:
“There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” 

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09/25/2013 1:23AM
Taking a news quiz
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