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Just preparing myself for all of the fallout from the shooting in Colorado at The Dark Knight Rises showing.  I don’t want to hear it…
I don’t want to hear the speculation about motives.  I don’t want to hear the gun nuts (cue smug, superior attitude) “How much safer would it have been if a patron had a concealed handgun?”   I don’t want to hear about how this affected totally unimportant things like box office and ticket sales…
I just don’t want to hear it.  But what I want doesn’t matter, the very nature of the news cycle these days means every angle gets dissected and every viewpoint is explored.  Every extremist gets to spew his nonsense, USING THIS TRAGEDY as his bullet point like it wasn’t just some random nutcase causing major harm.  Westboro I’m looking right at you here, how exactly is this God’s punishment for the U.S. not hating on the gays enough?
Well, I’m sure they’ll let us know.  They always do.  But they aren’t the only ones who will be doing it.  Pro-gun control will point at this and say guns are too easily available, while pro-gun advocates will say more guns could have prevented or lessened the tragedy.  Well, oversimplifying and crazy advocates will anyway.  No sane and responsible concealed carry license holder could think that drawing a firearm in a crowded and panicking theatre would make that situation any safer.  And all of the CC holders I know are sensible and responsible folks.  I’m not trying to be negative on the pro-gun lobby, just the extremists on both sides of that argument.
I don’t want conclusions drawn about the shooter’s political or religious affiliations.  Anyone who could justify the action that he took like he did is someone who should not be ALLOWED to make a political or religious statement about ANYTHING. Any group he may be a part of that wouldn’t IMMEDIATELY denounce this moron’s actions should be forcibly disbanded.
What I want to know is how many did he kill? How many were wounded? How much should I hate this guy?  How satisfied should I be at his punishment?  Were any of the injured or killed, hurt by panic and not gunfire?  Why were there initial reports of a second gunman?  Where did this guy get riot gear, armor, and tear gas?  Those are the questions I want answers to.  All the speculation and finger pointing can just go away as far as I’m concerned.
But I know it won’t, this obviously isn’t a perfect world.

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07/20/2012 7:36AM
Stuff Like This
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