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Stop bullying now!

We’ve been hearing disturbing reports of young people committing suicide after they were bullied. Then there’s the story of the man who got into trouble for climbing onto a school bus and threatening the kids who had been bullying his daughter.
If your child is being bullied and you’d like some information, you might try the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web site … ‘stop bullying now’. The site has information for parents and children. I hope it’s helpful. When I was a kid, the only advice we got for a bully was to let him know you wouldn’t be pushed around; a warning backed up by a punch in the nose. Things have changed since those days.
I don’t recall ever being bullied as a child, but how many of us are bullied every day as adults … without even realizing it? Do you encounter people who are not bashful about telling you what they don’t like about you, your family, or your friends? Is day-to-day incivility really just bullying? Know anyone who needs a good punch in the nose?
Our thought for today is from Marie De France:
“A bully is not reasonable … he is persuaded only by threats.”

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11/05/2010 1:24AM
Stop bullying now!
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