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Sometimes it's best to count to ten

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was quick to criticize President Obama when an American embassy and a consulate were attacked … and our people killed … in Libya and Egypt. While I understand his intention to clarify the differences between him and the president, sharing opinions too quickly in that kind of national emergency is not a good idea.
There is always a lot of rumor and hearsay in a story like this one, and talking on the record before the smoke clears and calm heads prevail can be a big mistake … especially for a man who wants to be the leader of the free world. Romney would have done better to wait a day or two, and maybe even ask the State Department for some kind of special briefing before sharing his opinions.
This is not a defense of Obama’s foreign policy.
But my feeling is a rush to judgment on this kind of story is … well … not presidential.
Our thought for today is from James Gordon Bennett:
“Remember, son, many a good story has been ruined by over-verification.” 

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09/19/2012 1:00AM
Sometimes it's best to count to ten
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