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Something to Watch

The TV's in my house get a lot of use.  That being said, I don't watch a lot of TV.  I've even given up cable.  The big TV in the living room has the HD equivalent of "rabbit ears" and gets ok reception of the networks.  The slightly smaller TV in my study, (ok, it's just a spare bedroom I've made into a "man cave") is not HD, and so currently can pick up no channels at all.  I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a pretty big videogame aficionado, so it stands to reason that is a good portion of what use my televisions get.  But I still manage to keep current on a couple of TV shows.

You now may be asking "Jad, how do you manage to do that, because I wouldn't mind ditching my cable bill?" Or even the better and more pressing question, "why does an unmarried, single guy even have a man cave?  Couldn't your whole house be a man cave?"  The answers to those questions are of course "I'm getting to it," and "...uhh... I don't know.  Shut up?"  But it's actually pretty easy to ditch the cable bill.

But it's not for everyone.  You do need a good high-speed internet connection to do it the way I do.  But I fit the profile (and so do a lot of other people) because I would have (and did have) a good high-speed internet connection anyway.  And I found that when I did have cable I was only watching a half-dozen channels anyway.  For me it was just a waste.

So I did away with it.  You can catch some shows on a week or month long delay on HULU.COM.  That's how I watch Fox's "Fringe" if I can't be home on its Friday night time slot.  Hulu has a subscription service that's less than $10 a month.  That's gets you full runs of older and newer television shows and a big selection of movies that you can watch at any time.  If you just want to keep current on a show or 2 Hulu's free service also has several shows and movies to choose from.  On both services you do have commercials.  But commercial breaks are very short (30 to 90 seconds) and there are some times where you can watch a longer commercial (usually a movie trailer) for 2 to 5 minutes before your show and then watch it un-interrupted.

Amazon and Google have a service similar to i-tunes on apple products.  You can buy books, movies, and television shows (by episode or whole season) and have access to it any time you want commercial free.  That's an option, but it can get a little expensive.  But prices are lower than going to the movies and once you have paid for it you can download and watch it or stream it any time you want.

And of course I always sing the praises of Netflix.  Streaming content directly to my television, and a good selection of TV and movies.  And what they don't stream they can send to you in the mail on DVD or Blu-Ray.  I talk up Netflix a lot, don't I?

Seems like they should pay me something or hook me up with some free service... or something.

Nope, the phone is not ringing... Oh well.

Today (Friday the 16th) the 2nd Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie hits theaters.  If you do have Netflix and want to catch up, the first one is available to stream.  I liked it, Ritchie is a good action director and I really like most of the movies that he has done in his career.  So I'm looking forward to this new one.


If you want to see a REALLLLLLLYY good version of a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, watch the BBC miniseries "Sherlock."  Well written classic Holmes style mysteries, but it's set in the 2000's.  Holmes is well versed in the internet and cell phone culture and uses it to his advantage in solving crimes (along with his legendary attention to the smallest details.)  Watson is a wounded Gulf War veteran, and is a very good sidekick compliment to Holmes.  Good acting, good storytelling, and just a very "classic" Sherlock Holmes feel.  With modern technology.

And it's available on Netflix streaming.

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12/16/2011 8:52AM
Something to Watch
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