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Sleeping on the job

There have been at least seven reported incidents this year of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job. That’s bad. Someone could get killed!
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says: “I am totally outraged by these incidents. This is absolutely unacceptable. The American public trusts us to run a safe system. Safety is our number one priority and I’m committed to working 24/7 until these problems are corrected”. Spoken like a man who rarely – if ever – works “24/7”.
Ever change your work schedule for a few days? Was it easy to adjust? Of course not!
I work very early and sometimes during storm season, I’m on the job at very odd hours. The only way I’ve been able to maintain this schedule for many years is to religiously take time for daily exercise and an afternoon nap.
Frankly, with their weird schedules and working conditions, I am not a bit surprised that controllers catch a few Z’s on the job. It appears to me – Mr. LaHood – that management is pretty much indifferent to those working conditions.
Our thought for today is from Steve McIntosh:
“No job is too difficult if you’re not the one doing it.”

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04/26/2011 1:17AM
Sleeping on the job
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04/26/2011 5:29AM
Another way to look at this is everyone know two jobs. What they do for a living and yours!
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