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Should the U.S. attack Syria?

There is no argument here: the video of the victims is disturbing and infuriating. Rows of dead children, allegedly victims of chemical weapons in the hands of their own government.
What is the appropriate response?
One time America went to war in the Middle East over the unproven allegation that a nation possessed chemical weapons … or W-M-Ds … weapons of mass destruction. In Syria, there is much better evidence.
If the U-S strikes, it will be punitive … making the Syrian government pay for its transgressions. Will it prevent them from doing the same thing again?
Americans are weary of war after ten years in Afghanistan and Iraq. The loss in blood and treasure has drained our will to jump into another situation in the Middle East.
We’re not getting support from our allies, and vetoes will sink us in the United Nations.
We have the capability to bomb the heck out of Syria … but to what end?
Our thought for today is from Charles Caleb Colton:
“Deliberate with caution, but act with decision; and yield with graciousness, or oppose with firmness.”

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08/30/2013 1:24AM
Should the U.S. attack Syria?
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