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Sedgwick County's budget challenge

The economy is rebounding very slowly from the Great Recession … and that continues to impact local governments. Sedgwick County begins its annual budget-writing process with a projected 10 million-dollar revenue deficit.
Last year the County’s shortfall was 7 million dollars. They closed the gap with spending cuts and early-retirement packages. For 2013, everything is on the table, including job cuts.
County Manager Bill Buchanan says revenue from sales and property taxes is not increasing fast enough to support county spending. County commissioners realize that any tax increase could mean the end of their service on the board. Local voters do not like tax increases.
In the business world, revenue problems often mean spending and job cuts, and consolidation of duties. Remaining employees take on more work. Sometimes the work simply does not get done.
Sedgwick County Commissioners have demonstrated their willingness to make tough calls in the past, in the name of fiscal responsibility. For the coming year, more of the same.
Our thought for today is from Harry S. Truman:
“All my life, whenever it comes time to make a decision, I make it and forget about it.”

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05/23/2012 1:11AM
Sedgwick County's budget challenge
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