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Second guessing

Many Americans have honest misgivings about the plan to remove the rest of our military people from Iraq by year’s end. There is the threat that Iran will tamper with Iraq once we’re gone, from within or from outside. There is a possibility that Iraq will pursue democracy and the people who come to power will be religious zealots who will oppress their people and become enemies of the U-S-A.
Those possibilities would be there if we stayed in Iraq for the next nine years.
Our military mission in Iraq has touched a relatively few Americans. Frankly, not many politicians have any “skin” in the “game”. The sons and daughters of the powerful and wealthy have simply not been asked to serve or sacrifice in any way.
But a few Americans have suffered greatly from our involvement in Iraq, and it’s had a huge impact on the growing national debt.
I think the United States of America will survive after we end an enterprise that most of our citizens simply have not experienced or cared about.
Our thought for today is from Artemus Ward:
“I have given two cousins to war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife’s brother.”

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10/28/2011 1:11AM
Second guessing
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