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Sandy and the campaign

Did mega storm Sandy help or harm either candidate in the presidential campaign?
Neither man wants to admit to gaining political advantage from a devastating storm, but the incumbent has a genuine role in dealing with such disasters. He may not ride with first responders into dangerous situations, but he should be near the scene … surveying damage and offering federal assistance and reassuring words.
It’s best for the challenger to pitch in where ever possible and offer his own sensitive comments.
Sandy was unique. It was a combination of two storms at the same time, in the most densely-populated area in the United States … and the center of our nation’s commerce, media, and government.
Beyond first-responders, government at all levels is expected to help Americans deal with the loss and the aftermath of any natural disaster.
But if you’re at ground zero when Mother Nature turns violent, you’re on your own … and you’d better have a plan … and a prayer.
Our thought for today is from Willa Cather:
“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

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11/05/2012 1:01AM
Sandy and the campaign
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