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Same-sex marriage

The argument against same-sex marriage or civil unions lost a great deal of political punch with the revelation that the offspring of some prominent conservatives are gay.
Still, many Americans remain opposed to same-sex marriage, believing that God ordained marriage for male/female couples only. They are offended by same-sex civil unions, and believe it is just plain wrong.
But with the approval of Hawaii this week, same-sex unions are now legal in 15 states, the District of Columbia, eight counties in New Mexico, and seven Native American tribal jurisdictions. That covers about a third of the U-S population.
Six states prohibit same-sex civil marriage by statute and 29 prohibit it in their constitutions.
So, where are we on this issue? The individual states are the battleground, and while many have swung toward approval, other states remain opposed.
My sense is that same-sex marriage will have to wait for Kansas, if it ever arrives at all.
Our thought for today is from Hannah Arendt:
“Equality … is the result of human organization. We are not born equal.”

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11/14/2013 4:24AM
Same-sex marriage
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