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Same-sex marriage debate

Vice President Biden dragged President Obama into this. Obama would certainly have preferred to wait until after the election to deal with the discussion of same-sex marriage.
I can’t see where same-sex marriage would have any impact whatever on my life, but I realize that many Americans think it’s creepy, ungodly, and just plain wrong. They don’t believe gay couples should enjoy the same legal status as straight couples.
31 states have added amendments banning same-sex unions to their constitutions. There are currently eight states that recognize or soon will recognize same-sex marriages. Six states plus the District of Columbia recognize some form of same-sex unions or domestic partnerships.
I’ll wager same-sex marriage is not a hot topic at family gatherings. There’s a good chance that somebody at your Memorial Day picnic will be gay, whether you know it or not.
This is definitely not an issue that will sway me in the voting booth. But for many Americans, it could be the biggest issue of all.
Our thought for today is from Arthur Schopenhauer:
“Compassion is the basis for all morality.”

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05/15/2012 1:02AM
Same-sex marriage debate
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