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Rush Update

I’ve received some comments from people asking us to pull Rush after recent comments he made that got him in some hot water.

I find it interesting that all the comments have come from people that do not listen to Rush, or KNSS. Look, I don’t listen to Bill Maher, but I’m not going to call HBO to shut him up because I don’t agree with him.

More free speech: the better we are. It's the speech we do not agree with that we should most protect.

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03/06/2012 10:36AM
Rush Update
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03/06/2012 1:09PM
Free speech and consequences
Rush is free to say what he likes. But, who ever said that free speech comes without consequences? If you are a public persona, you should be careful about what you put out there for all to see. Rush may be free to say what he likes but, if he goes tofar, we are free to speak back in any way we see fit. And he went too far this time.
03/06/2012 1:13PM
Hate Monger!
I agree with you that free speech is good. And I am not one who is in favor of censorship. However, I am in favor of common sense, and Rush Limbaugh's hate-infested speech (as I've read about it--for I am another one who can't listen to that stuff) is over the line. It is reprehensible, and it is clearly designed to hurt people, make them hate themselves and humiliate anyone who does not agree with him. The simple fact is that Rush Limbaugh is not a decent person, and as far as I can tell, never has been. So more power to you condoning and promoting hate mongering which clearly makes the world a much worse place than it should be. (Um, just for your information--I think there will be repercussions to stations and advertisers who support this guy. He's got most of the women in America pretty angry. I don't listen to any commercial radio station, haven't had a tv in more than 30 years. I don't know much about Bill Maher. In fact, I don't know much about any of the radio or tv shows out there. But I hear about Rush Limbaugh all the time. That is because he is more vile, hate filled, disgusting and just plain mean than the others of any political stripe.
03/06/2012 1:18PM
Great equivalency!
Because Maher is on a subscription-only service. He used to be on ABC. Know why he isn't now? Because in 2001, he made a controversial comment on-air, and out of the closet came the wingnuts! Seems lots of people, who didn't listen to Maher, had their widdle feewings hurted and called ABC to shut him up. Free speech is only important when it's WINGNUT free speech. We do not and never have broadcast Maher on AFR either. The government is sponsoring Oxycontin Boy and broadcasting him to our military. Unless you are arguing for free HBO for the troops, there's no equivalency. If you are giving him money and airtime, you ARE agreeing with him. Not with his right of free speech, but with his opinions. Make your choice, but don't try to pretend it's about free speech.
03/06/2012 2:20PM
Free Speech
Of course he has the right to say what he wants. No one is advocating that the government silence him, just that decent people want to let him know they aren't interested in his tired re-tread hate everybody kind of speech. You don't have to be a woman, have daughters, or even like women to know that his is not a voice of reasonable debate over issues. He's a drug-addicted, serial marrying, non-voting character who plays to the lowest denominator. This time I think he misjudged and went lower than even most of his listeners are willing to go.
03/06/2012 2:37PM
That is not how free speech works
Citizens of the United States of America are (at least in word, if not always in action) guaranteed free speech. They are not guaranteed radio shows. There are--and should be--nonlegal (and nonviolent) consequences (such as public outcry and de-funding) for people who say offensive and hateful things in a public forum, particularly a high-profile one. A man who speaks about women the way Rush Limbaugh does should NOT be on the air, and if we lived in a society that was genuinely devoted to principles of equality, that would not even be in question.
03/07/2012 8:42PM
Clear Channel
It seems to me that Clear Channel Radio is strongly supporting Rush Limbaugh. Sean and Mark spend yesterday pointing fingers at other people who have made the same inappropriate comments. This is true but what was their consequence? Clear Channel is being very clear with their support of Rush and I have not heard any comments if they support his comments or his right to free speech. I would like for Clear Channel to set an example for all future inappropriate comments to help bring these types of comments about people that are unable to defend themselves to a end. Clear Channel is in a position to put comments like these in the hands of comedians and not talk radio.
03/08/2012 6:32PM
Duesing is right
Duesing is right, of course. We'll have to listen to Rush and KNSS and make a list of their ADVERTISERS and politely let THEM know that as consumers we have many options and prefer not to give our money to those who support these vicious attacks whether we agree with their politics or not. God bless the free market and freedom of speech.
03/08/2012 9:56PM
Common Sense
I am all for free speech, however when it becomes outright slander and libel you have to draw the line somewhere. He took a young woman's testimony before Congress and twisted her words and then labeled her something awful for his own sick amusement. If that is what KNSS deems free speech and OK by their own ethical standards then I will be finding other means to listen to the shows that I DO listen to on KNSS.
03/15/2012 7:17PM
Some censorship is appropriate.
Please censor Steve McIntosh. I quit listening to 1330 because of him.
04/04/2012 12:19PM
Censorship or Liberty
From the comments on here, it looks like the Liberals are trying to shape who we listen to as far as I am concerned. If you don't like what Rush says, turn the channel. Where were these liberals when the President said "The Police Acted Stupidly?" That offended me but I didn't go to all the networks and say ban him or else. I have gotten accustomed to Obama saying things that make him look like an idiot but won't turn the channel every time he says something untrue. I actually enjoy him digging the hole deeper.....
04/04/2012 8:00PM
I will boycott all Rush's advertisers
He has a right to say the ridiculous things he does. KNSS has the right to put this clown on the radio. I have the right to boycott his sponsors. That's why this is America. We all have our rights.
08/06/2013 9:56PM
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