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Romney's problem in the polls

A recent C-N-N poll put President Obama ahead of challenger Mitt Romney, 52% to 45%. C-N-N says Mitt Romney’s unfavorable rating is up, most Americans think he favors the rich, and the public no longer believes the economy will get better if Romney is elected. Among independent voters in the C-N-N survey the president holds a 53% to 42% lead … eleven percentage points. Obama holds a nine-point advantage among women.
A Fox News poll gives the president a 49%-to-40% lead.
Call it class warfare if you like, but I believe there is huge gap between America’s wealthy and the rest of us … and it’s growing.
Personally, I don’t resent Romney’s wealth. We’ve had many rich presidents, beginning with the first one. But in a bad economy with such high unemployment, many Americans seem more inclined to begrudge those born to privilege than the policies of the incumbent.
And there is Mitt Romney’s challenge.
Our thought for today is from Dwight D. Eisenhower:
“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” 

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08/15/2012 12:57AM
Romney's problem in the polls
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