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Romney's got the big number right

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was pretty close when he talked about the “47%” of Americans who pay no federal income tax. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center says it’s actually 46 percent.
But it’s tougher to agree that all of those people consider themselves “victims” … always looking out for a government handout of some kind. Many of them will probably vote for Mr. Romney.
Some of them got senior citizen tax breaks, some are low-income, and some got tax breaks for college tuition. The Center’s study says among those who don’t owe, 9 out of 10 make $50,000 or less. 4,000 households earning more than a million dollars a year didn’t pay federal income tax last year.
I can’t agree that everyone who doesn’t pay federal taxes is a lazy loser looking for a government nanny.
I also concede that during a long political campaign it’s easy for any candidate to say something confusing.
Our thought for today is from Robert Benchley:
“Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.”

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09/26/2012 12:56AM
Romney's got the big number right
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