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Retirement plans

Recently I shared with you the results of a survey of Baby Boomers and their retirement plans. Only 11% are strongly convinced they will be able to live in comfort after retiring. A total of 55% said they were either somewhat or very certain they could retire with financial security. 44% express little or no faith they’ll have enough money when their careers end. One in four Boomers still working say they’ll never retire. About the same say they have no retirement savings.
I have said I intend to work full-time until the age of 70 if possible. But the recent death of my brother at the age of 62 has started me thinking seriously about that “70” target. I may want to bail out a little sooner.
What are your plans? I’d like to hear from people over the age of fifty. Email me at and share your retirement plans. Your name will not be used on the air.
I’d like to know what my fellow Baby Boomers are planning for their retirement.
Our thought for today is from Dan Quayle:
“The future will be better tomorrow.”

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04/12/2011 1:15AM
Retirement plans
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